Technical Services

wheelhouse in modern ship Oil Rig at late evening

Design Review

Offshore Inspection Group (OIG) performs functional reviews of your designs to bring an operational perspective to your process and commissioning timelines. Designs are reviewed for maintainability and eliminate the requirement for future modifications.

Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA) & Failure Mode Effects & Critical Analysis (FMECA)

OIG personnel have undertaken various FMEA’s & FMECA’s covering a wide variety of vessel types. Our approach is to be proactive and help the customer solve the problems as they are identified; producing an FMEA or FMECA for a compliant vessel prior to testing.

Project Management

OIG provides experience marine professionals for onsite supervision of work performed by contractors and/or shipyards.


OIG develops International Safety Management (ISM),  International Ship & Port Security (ISPS), International Safety & Risk  Management (ISRM) procedure manuals (available in electronic & paper format), using Integrated Documentation System (IDS) enabling the incorporation of drawings, manuals, and 3D renderings of a vessel.

Dynamic Positioning Systems

OIG personnel have ample experience in the practical aspects of Dynamic Positioning Systems and participated in commissioning systems of varying complexity.

Test & Inspection Plan (QA/QC)

Working with the certification bodies, we either develop or assist, with test and inspection plans. We ensure the work adheres to the inspection plan developed, and are available to oversee and/or conduct the final production Quality Control tests.


Commissioning and Acceptance Trials

OIG provides experienced Marine Professionals and Technical Specialists to develop your commissioning and trials documentation. From our experience, we have developed a philosophy that allows us to create the necessary documentation to meet the requirements of both the client and any class/governing body; we can complete the necessary systems, equipment commissioning, and acceptance trial activities. Our technicians are available to monitor these tests and trials and/or carry them out based on the client’s requirements.