Survey and Investigation Services

Offshore Inspection Group (OIG) provides surveys to determine suitability for purpose, on-hire/off-hire condition, bunker quantity, general condition, structural damage, machinery damage, collision damage, fire cause and damage.


Vessel Surveys

At OIG, we ensure the surveys are undertaken with integrity, accuracy, and objectivity. Our extensive knowledge and experience allows us to provide parties with concise and unbiased reports that satisfy the concerns of insurers and interested purchasing bodies.

Pre-purchase Surveys

OIG performs condition and valuation surveys of vessels as required, to determine their suitability for purpose or insurers and interested purchasing bodies.


Cargo Surveys

OIG performs cargo surveys to ensure the safety and security of high value cargo with correct load-out procedures and auditing.


We arrange, as required, testing of damaged or broken components to establish method and/or mode of failure in conjunction with other investigations.