Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspection and Consulting Services


Offshore Inspection Group (OIG) provides infrared thermal imaging surveys performed on various electrical and mechanical components of onshore and offshore equipment. OIG is a third party inspection representative with purpose of eliminating non-productive time caused by preventable factors typically encountered in the equipment and service readiness process. Infrared Inspections and Surveys are conducted to locate any thermal anomalies, under normal load conditions, for preventative and predictive assessments of equipment assets during operation. Our surveys and inspections include electrical distribution systems, process systems fired equipment analysis and refractory systems. Based in Houston, Texas, OIG can provide infrared inspection and consulting services across the globe in Marine, Petro-Chemical facilities, Industrial manufacturing, and commercial properties.

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  • Real time data identifying defects
  • Reduction in equipment failure
  • Reduction in downtimes
  • Protection of adjacent equipment
  • Energy loss and environmental impact

OIG infrared inspection and surveys can assist owners and operators in developing and maintaining a program to meet the needs of your facility or vessel, regardless of size and application.

Infrared inspection services include:
Electrical Distribution Systems:
Infrared inspections of your electrical distribution system can prevent costly downtime and repairs by identification of faulty components and loose connections. Technicians will identify components with thermal anomalies and provide interpretation and repair guidelines to electrical personnel. Electrical inspections are performed on Marine, Industrial, and commercial facilities. OIG can also consult on design and installation of IR windows to improve and reduce the time and cost of IR inspection programs.

Refractory Systems:
Insulated or refractory lined equipment utilizing infrared inspections will identify areas of energy loss or potential equipment damage from excessive heat. Technicians can identify anomalies and help reduce total operating costs from energy loss or expensive repair of components. Boilers, Fluid Catalytic Conversion Units (FCCU), Commercial Freezers, and structures are just a few of the applications benefited by a qualified infrared inspection.

Fired Equipment:
One of the most difficult and common industrial inspections of fired heaters, presents a unique inspection problem. A technicians experience and approach will greatly determine the outcome of an inspection. Our experienced technicians and inspections can aid operations in setting up a good thermal profile for optimum output while staying within operating limits. Additionally, an experienced technician can identify serious problems such as burner impingements or internal fouling causing tube damage.

Process Diagnostics:
Any process that includes temperature, other than ambient applications, is a candidate for certain types of IR inspection. Piping system restrictions, storage tank levels (total, separation, and solids) can be observed, imbalance of flow, or leaks are just some of the applications available from Infrared thermal inspections.

Steam Air Decoke Monitoring:
Monitoring of a steam air decoke with IR technology can provide complete (or near) temperature information to operations throughout the process. With the addition of a qualified, experienced technician, total time to procedure completion will be reduced in most cases. By leveraging our expertise and experienced technicians our Decoke monitoring services results in the reduction of non-productive time and improved safety of an owners assets.